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My 'In The Dark films' journey started with this band by shooting our first music video together back in 2019. To our surprise the video was a small online hit. Now in january 2023 their debut album will see the light of day so I updated their visual identity, made 3 new music videos, shot their bandshoot and did the layout design for their physical vinyl release. 

A band who questions themselves in their lyrics and music calling back to old school 90s hiphop. The album contains a series of songs resolving around daily life and social struggles wrapped in a mix of serious and lighthearted sounding beats. 

It's a very down to earth band and the cinematic look of the music videos helps bringing the songs to life. The music video for "Gin Avance" deals about the everyday frustrations in which you can sometimes feel very lonely. As if the whole world is looking the other way. 

In the one shot music video for 'Wilde Weldoener' the band tries to heal what's been broken by righting some wrongs in the world.. "Onderboane" takes Simon on a dream inside a car with all sorts of passengers who are reflections on life itself. 

The artwork for the vinyl was created by Manon Van Neste which I then used to created the layout and design for the album and the singles artwork. The colors of the artwork are represented in the color palette of the music videos. We also chose a new more pronounced font to get a fresh, new visual identity. A beer bottle as merch was also available with a label in the theme of the artwork. 

Available for purchase here:

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