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The project of Bun by singer-songwriter Brecht Vanvyaene started in 2019 and after succesfully releasing a bunch of singles I came on board in 2021 to create the visual identity of Bun from scratch. 

In creating the artwork for his debut album I didn't want it to look like a grim rock record bathed in dark color palettes and imagery. Instead I chose for a very colorful approach with complementing and contrasting colors to make it stand out across streaming platforms.

The flowers in the artwork represent a new start and musical inspirations fueled by the tragic event of Brecht's best friend and drummer of his previous band, who died a few years ago. In one of the visuals you can see his drumsticks laying on the ground between the flowers. They make the environment bloom and a new project called 'Bun' is born.

I photographed Brecht in a blurry state, he's trying to find a new goal in his artistic and personal life, he tries to make sense of all these new inspirations. It's a beautiful scenery but the flowers might swallow him up. It feels like a fever dream. We thought 'Bun - Eases My Mind' would be the right title for the album and complemented the artwork in every possible way.  

In addition a lyric video and visualizer were created for two singles on the album. A band website was also designed using the artwork of the record:

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