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In 2O21 Wout Vantieghem started a new musical project named 'Forester'. He asked me to help out with the visual identity of his project and the band to make a cinematic impression online while promoting his first EP "Laughing in the Mirror". 

I started this project by choosing a beautiful duo font called 'August Stories'. It turned the name forester into a distinctive looking logo and the serif sub font was perfect to feature the single titles right below the band name. The font underlines and showcases the fun, quirky feel of the music and singer-songwriter Wout. I chose to work with a lot of blues, greens and earthy tones for this project. 

The artwork of the EP and the accompanying singles each contain a cracked photo of a beautiful forest snapshot. The EP revolves around your first love and the heartbreak that comes along with it. The rumpled photos represent a beautiful but damaged memory from the past. A lyric video for one of the singles translates this concept to the screen. 

In addition we also shot three music videos which are loosely connected in some sort of way and work as a three part story so we ultimately created a visual EP that plays out like a dreamy bedtime story. Watch them below the artwork. 

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