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In addition to my video work I provide visual artwork and promo material custom designed for the artist and/or the project they are working on. Building a complete brand from scratch, this includes artwork for singles, EP's, albums, streaming services, portraits, websites, social media, press releases, etc.  I'm also interested in working on non-music related projects.

Feel free to check out some projects below. 

Blue Dock_White kopie.jpg

Featured project

Weireldverbeteroars? - Debut Album

After 3 years the band finally released their debut album "We Zin Rond" - I created 3 music's video's, did their band photoshoot and designed the layout for their physical vinyl release. 

Featured project

Forester "Laughing in the Mirror - Debut EP

Created EP artwork, 3 music video's, a lyric video and visual identity to help bring Wout Vantieghem's musical project Forester to life. 

Growth_Wide Banner_1.6.1.jpg
Growth_Wide Banner_1.6.1.jpg

Featured project

Bun "Eases My Mind"  - Debut Album

Worked for over a year and half with Bun to created his debut album artwork, 3 music videos and help out with his visual identity, website and merch. 


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